american horrowave

Satanic Panic ‘81 is the Horrorwave solo effort of Brian Burdzy as of 2019. Before that, it was a duo consisting of Burdzy and Bruce Tedford. Having previously played together in a long defunct hardcore band, their appreciation for 80s horror soundtracks inspired them to make music that they wanted to hear in movies. After releasing a successful demo titled “demo(n)tape” in the spring of 2017, SP81 provided musical accompaniment to the films, Amityville : Evil Never Dies, And a couple of short films that would later end up on the compilation, Omnibus Of Blood. Following the winter of 2017-18, SP81 spent a few months putting together their debut, The Sacrifice Hunter, a 10 track cassette-album. Drawing obvious comparisons to John Carpenter and The Slasher Film Festival Strategy, the album was released on 9/28/2018, and promptly sold out of its first pressing a day later.

Burdzy and Tedford parted ways in 2019. In that time, Burdzy composed the score to Kurtis Spieler’s feature length film, The Dead Girl In Apartment 03, starring Adrienne King of Friday The 13th fame. For almost a year, the writing, recording and release of the follow up to The Sacrifice Hunter has been underway, and is set to release in September of 2020.  The 9 track / 41 minute album titled MARA sees Burdzy take a giant leap musically, exploring not only horror movie themes, but also powerful synth driven action and suspense films from the 80s as well as elements of post-rock and sleazy noir grooves.  The sophomore effort will be available on Vinyl, CD, Cassette, Digital and all streaming services through Burdzy’s own independent label, Flower & Flamingo Records.



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