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Yesterday was a pretty cool day for me. I came home from work and the flexidiscs I ordered were on my doorstep. As is customary, I proceeded to count them and was pretty shocked but not saddened by the fact that I had received 18 more than I initially ordered. The first person I told about it was my good friend Paul Alan (Hundreds of AU). Only two nights before, Paul and I along with our better halves played a drinking game via FaceTime. We put on Walk Among Us and we drank every time some semblance of the word "WHOA" was screamed. Full Disclosure: I vomited immediately after "Hatebreeders".

He said I should do something special with the remaining extra copies. We kicked some ideas back and forth and came up with a limited insert. I threw one together last night, took it to get card stock prints today and what you see below is what's available.

5 were given Green Inserts, of which I sent 4 to Mondo Creepy TV and kept one for myself. 15 were given red inserts and the were given to anyone who pre-ordered. The rest have no inserts. Sorry. I just didn't realize how much they were gonna cost to do on my own.

The ink on the disc came out "bluer" than I wanted. My dad has been in the printing industry for many years and I should have remembered his advice. Don't go crazy with the colors unless they have an assigned number to them... otherwise its crapshoot. All that said, I still think it looks pretty rad and I'm very proud of the artwork that Matt Wilson did.

Anyway... if you pre-ordered this, it's on its way to you now. is one of the wisest investments I have ever made in my life. If you haven't ordered it yet... you can do it from my store on the main page.

The songs for MARA are all done... i think i mentioned this in my last post... just waiting on the mastering and the layout. No need to get into those weeds. You guys are gonna like what you hear.

Also... 'member when I said that I had a new song that I sent to a comp? Also, 'member that guy Paul I mentioned a few paragraphs above? He put together a quarantine compilation and one of my songs is on it. Scope out "The Sun Will Never Rise Again" along with 28 (and counting) other jams that are just delicious.

Thats really all I got for now in terms of news. Stay tuned for other stuff coz it's coming.

Be safe,



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