MARA Poster

MARA Poster

PRESS RELEASE - 7/15/2020

The highly anticipated follow up to 2017’s The Sacrifice Hunter will hit streets and online stores October 2nd 2020 via Flower and Flamingo Records. Titled MARA, the acclaimed retro-synth sound of SP81 tells a story about a girl who dedicates her waking hours exacting revenge on those who wronged her.

For this effort songwriter Brian Burdzy went it alone at first, but later enlisted the help of such notable musicians as Thomas McGreevy (The Low Road/Police Navidad) and Paul Alan (Hundreds of AU/Hell Mary). The album was written and tracked in Burdzy’s home studio, nicknamed ‘The Belfry’, before being sent to Geoff Towle for mixing and mastering. In all 9 songs totaling over 41 minutes that invoke nostalgic horror/action films from yesteryear and modern post rock.

MARA will be available on limited edition Vinyl, CD and Cassette, with artwork provided by Pete Bruni and layout by renowned retro artist Adam Shub.



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