Mondo Creepy Theme LIMITED EDITION Flexi Disc Pre-Order

Mondo Creepy Theme LIMITED EDITION Flexi Disc Pre-Order

The folks at Mondo Creepy TV put out to the world that they needed a new theme song, and well, I answered. I was in the middle of a terrible writers block when I volunteered to do this, mainly because I was in the middle of mixing my follow up to The Sacrifice Hunter, and let's just say it wasn't going well. So I sat down to work on this song, and it all suddenly just clicked for reasons I don't really know. Maybe it was because I took time away from one project, maybe because I started thinking back to all the horror hosts I tried to watch as a kid (mainly Elvira, Joe Bob Briggs and a couple goofballs on USA Network), maybe my fingers hit the keys just right... like I said, I don't know. But what I do know is I'm super proud of this song for a few reasons. The first, it definitely steps up from where this project started but it also can't get lumped in with the last album or the one I'm finishing up now. It is its own thing. Also, I asked Matt Wilson to do the artwork for it, and I told him to keep it simple and he took my ideas and ran with them and made something more beautiful than I could have imagined. Originally we wanted it slime colored ink on purple but purple wasn't available.

As for a physical release... I'm getting 118 flexi singles pressed for this, available only from my bandcamp page AND my web site. You won't find it in stores. You won't find it online anywhere else, and, as I'm finding out now, Flexi is a real pain in the ass. Unless you press up like 300, its not really worth it, but I said into a microphone multiple times that I would do it, and here we are. You can d/l it digitally for free, but physical copies will be $6. Sorry, I don't like charging that much, but it is what it is. Once these are gone, they are gone and unless someone else wants to front the costs, they won't be pressed again. 


Pressing Info:

5 w/ Green Insert

15 w/ Red Insert

98 w/ no insert